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Boho Chic | Thysha & Shaun in NYC

An excerpt from Essence Magazine: Sometimes the love of your life can be right under your nose, but you just haven’t had a chance to meet them yet. Thysha and Shaun’s brownstones were just six doors apart in New York City for years before they actually met.

When their paths finally crossed it was at a local event at a nearby home. “We were both at the party for hours and at the end of the night he approached me and we started to talk,” she recalls. “Within 30 minutes it felt like we were the only people in the entire brownstone. Before she left the party, Thysha went into the bathroom and prayed that Shaun would ask her for her phone number. On her way out of the door, her prayers were answered.

Photo Essay: Parris Whittingham and Catalina Culzar

Venue: Studio 450

Officiant: Kim Kirkley

Planner: Renee Warren