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“You are an artist in the very best sense of the word. Your connection and generosity came through. This is amazing work. Thank you.” - Seth Godin


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I believe in remarkable love stories.

My work is about fixing an unflinching gaze towards the celebration and telling of these stories. Each photo is a call to adventure; an invitation to see your story and the legacy of others with an open and full heart.


Photo: Erum Rizvi

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The short story…

Growing up in the bronx, I often travelled with my grandma on her weekly visits to the farmer’s market at Union Square and the organic grocers of the East Village. I fondly remember the smell of dried sage, fresh basil and fully stocked jars of black and green teas that hung thick and delicious in the air like edible perfume.

Each trip included no less than three or four separate stops spread across nearly two miles, because grandma knew exactly who had the best (insert name of your favorite produce) and “you always buy quality” was her mantra.


These adventures mark the beginning of my lifelong passion

For travel, nature, the arts (culinary and otherwise), history and of course, New York City. After gathering our haul of fresh pastas, olives, yogurt, cheeses, breads, teas, veggies and fruits my contrarian vegetarian, yoga and meditating grandma did like so many women of her generation; she neatly packed everything into her “granny cart” and schlepped it all on the train…back to the Bronx.

Everything’s better when made from scratch by people who care enough to go the extra mile, or two. This meticulous approach to story driven photography has come to define my studio and each collection we design. Like my grandma, the more creative space given to prepare, schlep and cook, the better.

with Love, Parris

P.S. This is a photo with my mom, I was five. She rocks! So do granny carts. I have one now.

Photo: Gerald Cyrus

Features & Publications: Making Ideas Happen (Portfolio/Scott Belsky), Town & Country, Forbes, US Weekly, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Essence, TEDx, 99U and The Royal Norwegian Consulate.