Remarkable Love Stories Change the World.


We tell your story like no other. Our approach is about understanding your relationship and what matters most. Each photo celebrates the best of your love, your wedding and who you are. 



"A refreshing change from the cookie-cutter." 

- Kristie Shin (Bride)



 As a boutique studio, we serve couples who honor their culture but aren’t afraid to rewrite the rules. Rather than treat your wedding with a "cookie cutter" approach, you get our complete and undivided attention. Your story gets the care and respect it deserves.

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 "Photography shouldn’t simply document the items of your wedding, the staged portraits of attendees and the sterile landscapes/skylines that serve as their backdrop....They reveal the story of your wedding, bit by bit. Parris’s photos have that storyline quality." - Robert Arscott (Groom)



Let's face it, being photographed can feel awkward. We work with you to bring out your most radiant, relaxed and confident self around the camera. To begin, we'll explore your favorite relationship landmarks around NYC.


"Parris went way above and beyond the call of duty and took the time to get to know Eric and I."

- Kisha Cameron (Bride)



The glow you experience during your engagement session will continue to shine for your wedding. Meantime, you will barely notice us capturing real moments that are fun, elegant and timeless. 


"Parris captured our wedding in a way we never dreamed possible! Not only are the photos incredibly beautiful, they intimately real and honest." - Lindsay Orr (Bride)



After your wedding, we carefully review each image to select the most meaningful moments, lush editorial details and relaxed portraits. The result is your Photo Essay: a fully edited and retouched series of images that tells your story, like no other. Each photo is available in high resolution and web ready format.

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"Parris understands the exact moment— the moment that you will want captured. Instead of presenting you with hundreds of images to sort through, he carefully waits for the magical moment and captures it perfectly." - Phyllis Cheung (Co-founder, Luxe Finds)




If you allow us to transform your Photo Essay into a hand-crafted album or fine art prints, we make the process smooth and easy. To save you time, we offer home visits for our NYC couples.  

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"We're blown away with the finished product! So much more than we thought was possible. We're going to treasure this for the rest of our lives." 

- Luke Miller (Groom)



Our creative team includes master storytellers: Parris, Rachel and Catalina. Also emerging storytellers, designers, craftspeople and our studio manager, Karen. We're committed to telling your story like no other and being the easiest studio to work with.

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